Explore the Bliss and Heavenly Feeling amidst the Beauty of the Hills

Trekking is one of the most sought after expedition which people undertake to get connected with the amazing beauty of the nature and the hills. In the hurry burry life, people hardly have time to admire or get acquainted with the pristine beauties of the nature. It is through trekking people can get connected to the nature. Trekking also takes the people away from chaotic and polluted lifestyle and connects them to the picturesque and salubrious aura covered by blanket of nature’s amazing beauty and topography.

Trekkers from all across the globe resort to trekking to the hills to rejuvenate themselves and to relax their tired mind and nerves. One such trekking is option is the majestic Mt. Everest base camp. The Everest Base Camp Trek is the dream for every person, who loves trekking with adventure and thrill.

Trek through Everest base campis that one enchanting experience of lifetime, which very trekker love to enjoy and be part of. It is the journey for all those trekkers, who aspire to soar high, higher than clouds. The entire journey is so blissful that the person gets soaked in the spirit of nature and experience a feeling of victory and achievement after finishing the trek.

This trek is one of the most sought after treks and is well known for its majestic mountain peaks and enticing natural beauty of the hills. The base camp offers the most dramatic and picturesque trek experience in the Himalayas. The trek will traverse through the amazing vistas of Mt. Lhotse. It takes the hikers through the simple yet lovely culture and establishments of Sherpa tribes. As you pass through the suspension bridge, you come across the remarkable Buddhist monasteries; that create vibes of divinity and spirituality. The triplets of out of the 10 most towering peaks – Lhotse, Cho, Makala and Oyu are the haven for the photographers as they can capture the most captivating natural beauty.

Also known as Annapurna Sanctuary, Annapurna Base camp trek takes one to the most popular trekking traits in the Himalayas of Nepal. It is the comfortable and short trek and incorporates manifold topography, tradition and wildlife.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek offers the most captivating view of Annapurna range, Machhapuchhre, Hiunchuli and Dhaulagiri. The setting of this base camp is unique and enchanting as it is set amidst the majestic peaks. The trekking is highly accessible with different trailheads and can be done independently if you are healthy and fit.

The trekking of base camp in Annapurna provides access to beautiful landscapes, friendly locals, vibrant cultures and blooming rhododendron forests. The trek is perfect blend of the most fabulous mountain scenes, lively cultures and traditional ethnic locals. The trek provides access to the spectacular view of the Annapurna mountain range. The icing on the cake is that the trekkers get to see the majestic views of 5 mountains with the same name – Annapurna I, II, III and IV and Annapurna South.

The base camp trek of Annapurna will not only take you close to the untouched nature of the remote Himalayan region but also will make you experience the friendly nature of the local Nepalese tradition. Hike at Annapurna base camp is the best trek that one can think of as it has got all the enchanting vision of nature– majestic hills, beauties of nature, sub tropical valley, glaciated alpine zone, forest sanctuary and the Rocky Mountains in one single frame.

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